About Us

Fame Glory 由馬天佑執導著整個團隊,在這創意產業中我們是領先全球的團隊之一,我們團隊短短成立兩年多來,已經合作過百多位的藝人,包含現在兩岸三地當紅的一線影星和歌星,包含郭富城、陳奕迅、周杰倫、范冰冰、李玟、張惠妹、ANGELABABY、蕭亞軒以及郭采潔等等。

我們的合作中不僅在時尚產業,更跨足了其他產業,我們甚至有固定合作的品牌,從品牌新一季宣傳的大型廣告牌、雜誌拍攝、廣告拍攝甚至是新品發表活動企劃都由我們團隊一手包辦一切,我們甚至常從歐美各大城市借來最新的時裝, 也因為一次次的合作關係,讓品牌對我們更加信任,讓每一次作品呈現都可以更完美。


Fame Glory Production Limited, started up by Kevin Mayao is the upcoming new force in Asia. Within 2 years time, the company has successfully built its reputation in the creative industry and became one of the top production companies in the Asia Pacific region. Fame Glory has worked for more then 200 celebrities, which include numerous A-list stars from Hong Kong, Taipei and China. For instance, Aaron Kwok, Eason Chan, Jay Chou, Fan Bing Bing, Coco Lee, Amei, Angelababy, Joey Yung and Elva Hsiao.

Despite from working with different fashion parties, the company also has long established cooperation with a variety of brands in the market. Initially starting from new products launch or brand promotion to billboards concept and art directing, editorial shooting to launching advertisement and follow ups promotional events. Fame Glory is an all-round comprehensive platform to provide any sorts of services a brand can possibly think of. As for styling, our company has established a huge network on loaning different designers clothing all around the globe, the trusting relationship with designers and clients leads us to further boost our creativeness and better executing every concepts and ideas that we developed.

Fame Glory is definitely one of the few production houses that are willing to take up challenges and create something different, something out of the box but without compromising quality. We helped clients for brand building, giving a new fresh identity to the brands without sacrificing their brand story and expertise behind. The company major focuses lie in art direction & fashion styling, set & stage design, graphic & packaging design as well as cooperate brand building. Fame Glory is one of the front-runners in the marketplace, which cope with the dynamic paces in the creative industry. Whatever you can imagine, Fame Glory will find ways to execute and make it happens. By looking from our portfolio, you can have a better idea on what a vibrant team we are!


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